Chinese manufacturing sourcing

To source your manufacturing to China can be a very good idea for your business. Asia is today the leader in providing  efficient , quality minded and low cost manufacturing. Using Chinese factory sourcing you can disregard any language, distance or cultural barriers. We are there for you in any negotiation taking place.

Your expertise, our specialty

We do not specialize in any type of production. We specialize in sourcing. Your need is our speciality. If you want to manufacture socks in china, we find a knitting factory for you. If you want to buy raw steel material, we find a factory that provides that to you in China, tailored to YOUR specific unique needs.

None or very little risk for you

Look at it this way,  we work 10 days for you to find the manufacturing you need. It is a small investment to be made for a potentially huge return! We will help you find that perfect factory for you in China , cutting costs and maybe even done faster than your current factory!

Save time

Using Chinese factory souring we will take the time to do the trips to the factory. Imagine how much time it saves you improving your business instead of sitting on trains and being in a warm factory with business talks about manufacturing your specific product. Don’t worry. We do it gladly. It is our expertise.


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Factory and Sourcing Examples

A Metal Block, A Gold Block, Knifes, nail clippers, More..
Programmers, Designers, Translators, More..
Socks, T-Shirts, More..
Toys, pens, More..
Fax Machine, Cell Phone, More..
shaver, computers, speakers, keyboard, More..
Stove, freezer, fridge, blender, More..
Raw material
wood, plants, metal, More..
bicycles, vespas, cars, kickbikes, More..
Vehicle accessories
rearview mirror, tires, crank, gearbox, More..
AAA batteries, cellphone batteries, computer batteries, Lipo batteries, More..
business cards, papers, books, pamphlets, leaflets, More..
boat, plane, train, bus, More..
Mold, creation for mass production, More..
middleman, More..
Starting a Company, vat, tax, employment, vacationdays, More..
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